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@Aalborg University

Summer School 2014: Network Coding and Mobile Phone Programming

PhD Course 2013: Network Coding

Summer School 2013: Mobile Phone Programming

PhD Course 2012: Network Coding 

LLL Life Long Learning: Mobile Phone Ecosystem and Programming

Summer School 2012

 PhD Course 2011: From Bits to Applications

Radio Communication III (SE course)

Advanced Access Techniques

Wireless Networks III


@TU Munich

Advanced Topics in Signal Processing, 2012, Technical University Munich



Lecture 9 of  6.989  Introduction to Network Coding

9th March 2009, 9.30am-11.00am, [slides|exercise]


Cooperative Wireless Network Lectures

9th March, 5pm-7pm [slides|videos]

16th March, 5pm-7pm [slides|videos]

23th March, 5pm-7pm [slides|nlogo|netlogo]


@BME, Budapest, Hungary

PhD course on Network Coding


@University of Catania, Sicily, Italy

PhD course on Network Coding

Summer school Lipari


Mobile Clouds Mobile Peer2Peer WiMax Mobile Phone Programming Cognitive Networks Cooperative Networks Video Traces Qt on Symbian

Upcoming events:

Tutorial on 5G at GlobeCom 2015