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Network Coding

One of my major research interest is network coding. Here I list some of the resources that might be interesting for other researchers as well. 

Beside the theory behind network coding, the main goal is to implement network coding on commercial platforms in order to feed back the learned lessons on network coding. Therefore a number of demonstrators have been created over the time being. Here a selected list

There are three different network coding techniques we are looking at, namely inter flow, intra flow and hybrid (combining the other two) network coding.

While inter flow implementations are rather easy, but they need a lot of planning and signalling in the network, we are more interested in intra flow network coding using random linear network coding.

Out of that work at Aalborg University a spin-off has been created named Steinwurf. This company is now offering a research and commercial license for random linear network coding. 

The main application fields of random linear network coding are:

  • wireless and mobile mesh networks
  • satelitte networks
  • distributed storage
  • multipath networks

For most of these application fields we have one or more implementations. 

Currently we discuss some of our ideas in the IRTF standardisation activities. 


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Upcoming events:

Tutorial on 5G at GlobeCom 2015